• 3 Changes Indian Education System needs

    India is home to the most number of youths in the world but has failed miserably to provide the high-quality education to all. Our education system is not coping up with the different changes in the field of technology and is using the ancient approach of teaching. It has affected a lot to the younger generations of the country as they have to strive a lot for even a less paid job. The spending on the education system is even more than the some of the family's whole life income, and they have to explore different options for arranging money for their child's education fees like taking loan at high interest from banks, or moneylenders, or looking out for Private Finance Companies in Mumbai and they do all this just for the better future of their child which this education can't even promise to be better. There is no assurance given by this education system that they can provide a bright future for their child. In order to save this wasted manpower, some major changes are needed to be made in this education system as today's child is tomorrow's future of this nation.

    3 Changes Indian Education System needs

    1. Terminate marks oriented education system: Our education system evaluates each and every student based on marks attained by them in a single exam and label them in the groups of intelligent, stupid or average. It is just like if one evaluates a fish on his flying technique, he will spend his whole life thinking that he is stupid. Every individual has different characteristics and is, therefore, has different abilities. One cannot evaluate an individual's intelligence on the basis of marks obtained by him/her in an exam in which he/she is not even interested.
    1. Promoting different career options: Indians have a mindset that if a student is interested in studying he/she will have to pursue engineering or doctor or chartered accountant in his career. They do not promote any other professional career as they think that he/she will just waste money and time studying any other field and is not worth pursuing a career in any other field. They need to understand that the world is not run by these three professionals and need to look beyond these three fields as there are hundreds of different courses to choose from and an individual can be interested in any of these.
    1. Skill oriented education: Our education system tests, not the thinking power but the retaining power of an individual. They do not promote any creativity in the students and just think that education is obtained just by mugging up the textbooks. If a person writes the same answer, but in a different style as presented in the textbook, he/she is considered stupid as he/she is not able to retain that text in the exact same way. This needs to be changed. This can be changed only by bringing changes in the teaching methods and promoting education outside the textbooks as real education is received in the life by experiences not by learning chapters by heart. Education centers need to promote skill development courses that help the child to cope up with different life challenges as companies are not hiring a parrot that can recite the whole book without mistake but human beings that can provide different ideas for different situations.

    These are certain major changes that requires attention as soon as possible as our younger generation is at the verge of getting older and would be deprived of real education.It is advisable for the young generation to opt for professional courses in order to get a better job and upgrade his/her skills. Taking loans from Private Finance Companies in Mumbai can be the best option, as these education loans for professional courses come at a very low interest rate.

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