In this modern word, there is a rapid grown need for making the websites rank at the top, in order to enable the potential clients to reach them with an ease. Also, it is important for a new start up or a newly established business enterprise for creating brand awareness among its clients. In order to perform the task of search engine optimization, there are a number of companies that are known for offering their clients with a wide variety of SEO services. It is known for offering its clients with services along with a guarantee of being the best in the industry.

    www.yesweus.in The Best SEO Agency in Mumbai is getting popular among its clients because of its given features:

    Sufficient addition of backlinks in a month

    Effective use of latest SEO tools and fool proof strategies

    Paid Ads

    Building profile on the social media platforms

    Creation of SEO worthy content on a regular basis

    Regular monitoring as well as change in the strategy.

    Profile on the sites according to the desired needs of the clients.

    Consultation with clients, who are also a reseller.

    Apart from this, its increasing focus and dedicated team is the prime feature that makes it the best among its clients as well as in the industry. It has made its clients to leave all of their worries that are associated with digital marketing. It brings an effective solution for its business according to its requirements. Its team ensures that it has a relevant experience of several years. It is very well aware of the needs of its clients and makes use of the best techniques, so as to serve its clients in the best possible manner.  It makes use of prototypes for preliminary evaluation and for subsequently developing business logic on the sides of the client as well as the server. 

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  • Oligospermia also referred to as Oligozoospermia is a medical condition in which there is a low sperm count due to a lower concentration of sperms. It is a very common phenomenon in male infertility and can be cured easily with proper measures and actions.

    Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia or abnormality in morphology and mobility of the sperm can also be considered as a result of decreased sperm concentration and a consequence of this disease.

    According to WHO (World Health Organization), the new standards for a person suffering from Oligospermia is when a person has a sperm count of less than 15 million sperms per milliliter of semen. The sperm count may fluctuate from person to person and can be temporary or permanent.

    Infertility Disorders – Oligospermia and Azooprenia Ayurvedic Treatment

    While a medical condition in which a man doesn't contain any sperm is referred to as azoospermia, it is prevalent in about 1% of the male population and can be seen in up to 20% of the male infertility situations. However, despite being an abnormal disease, many of its forms are curable, and the person can regain its fertility.

    According to the sperm count, people can be classified according to their situation as:

    1)      Mild- 

    The people with 10 million to 15 million sperm per milliliter are considered as people with mild concentration.

    2)      Moderate- 

    People with 5 million to 10 million sperm count are considered to be in this group.

    3)      Severe- 

    People with low concentration, i.e., fewer than 5 million are considered to be in severe condition.

    4)      Critical- 

    People with no sperm count or insignificant sperm count can be considered in this category. The said person may suffer from Azoospermia. The person suffering from Azoospermia can be further classified into three categories depending upon the condition of the disease. They are Pretesticular Azoospermia, testicular azoospermia, and post-testicular Azoospermia.

    The diseases caused in a person due to infertility can be diagnosed as people with the above-mentioned abnormalities. The disease is investigated after infertility is detected. In general, the cause of infertility is often related to general health, sexual health past fertility, libido and sexual activities.

    Causes of infertility:

    Many causes can be analyzed for the diseases related to sperm count and infertility such as Oligospermia and Azoospermia. Some of them being:

    1)      Genetics-

    Genetic factors can cause Pretesticular, testicular and post-testicular azoospermia or Oligospermia. The abnormalities in the chromosomes are inversely proportional to the sperm count, i.e., if the chromosomal abnormalities are more, then the sperm count would be less and if the sperm count is more than the abnormalities would be less. The occurrence of diseases due to genetic factors accounts for about 10-15 percent of the population of males suffering from low sperm count and infertility.

    2)      Other causes: 

    Many other causes lead to infertility diseases. Some of them being poor hormonal support, poor general health including intake of drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Testicular factors include age, neoplasm, trauma, Hydrocele, mumps, malaria, suppression of sperm mortality is often seen as a cause for the factors mentioned above, whereas post-testicular causes include vas deferens obstruction, infection, ejaculatory duct obstruction, etc. 


    Oligospermia is treatable while azoospermia has some restrictions in the process of treatment, (it can be cured only up to a certain extent). The most effective way is to manage the infertility disease with precaution. There are many allopathic ways for the treatment of diseases like FSH etc. but treatments like oligospermia Ayurvedic Treatment dominates the disease. Ayurveda has a separate, distinct branch that deals with effective semen and spermatogenesis called Vjikarantantra or aphrodisiac medicines.

    In Ayurveda, Oligospermia is related to Napunsakta (impotence). It has four main causative factors – bheejopat (lower sperm quantity), old age and kshayaj (severe loss of Shukra dhatu or reproductive tissue). The dosha (crimes) in this condition is pitta, which when imbalanced leads to loss of Shukra.

    Vajukatantra is an Ayurvedic treatment of Oligospermia and diseases like it. Azoospermia Treatment in Ayurveda also includes Vajkratantra as the prima fascia. The therapy is recommended for all males between the ages of 16 to 70 who show sexual abnormalities. The treatment of Oligospermia and azoospermia comprise of administering the vajikarana dravyas and the Rasayana (hormones present in a person's body) Ayurvedic treatment of sexual diseases detoxifies the body, thereby, rejuvenating it.

    Ayurveda proposes a balance in health and lifestyle with a change in the way of living and staying away from the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol, etc. and taking the required precautions. Moreover, with these modifications in lifestyle and diet, one can experience not only sexual pleasure but will also be able to produce physically and mentally healthy offsprings.

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  • Indian parents and students have always aspired for academic excellence. Good grades and high ranks are highly coveted. To this end, parents need their children to have the extra edge when it comes to exams. The need for a tutor to guide the children through concepts, clear their doubts, and most importantly, give them personalised attention has become paramount.

    Company Profile – GenextStudents

    This is where Genext Students steps in. Although home tuitions have been the norm for ages, there are issues and concerns that parents face in terms of the finding the right time slots, verifying the credentials of the tutor and ensuring the safety of their child. GenextStudents uses the cutting edge technology in eLearning to provide home tutors online. Not only does this provide Home Tutor Jobs in Pune and other cities in India, but it also allows the child to have time slots as per their convenience, and also allows parents to check that they choose the best tutor for their child.

    The vision for GenextStudents is to make tutors accessible to all children who want to learn better, irrespective of their location. The platform provides a combination of tutoring online provided by accredited tutors, and proprietary resources and content to give the most value to the student. Currently, GenextStudents has over 10,000 tutors on its rolls.

    The platform caters to the curriculum of national boards ICSE and CBSE boards as well as state boards of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Thus, it provides Teaching Jobs in Pune, Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra and other states to qualified people who are interested in teaching and sharing knowledge.

    GenextStudents is the brainchild of Ali AsgarKagzi and AsadDaud, whose vision it was to bring quality education and home tutoring to all deserving students and provide parents with options, giving them the assurance of excellent content and teaching.

    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Wikipedia.com Genextstudents

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  • Private tutoring is a lot more different from what students are taught in school and not in terms of the study material but in the way of teaching. Home tutors adopt an entirely different way of teaching then the ones teaching in school. Schools are important and every child should go to a school. However, in the highly competitive educational environment that we are living in, both parents and students wishes to achieve high level of excellence in academics.

    Parents want their children to take home tuitions after coming from school to get that extra edge that is needed to achieve this high level of excellence in studies. Hence, it's the expectation of the parents from their children to score well in their academics that has raised the demand for private tuitions not only in India but elsewhere as well. In India especially there is a high demand for Private Home Tutors in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc.

    Impact of Private tuitions on a student’s performance

    Private tuitions are important not only because they help you to score well but also as it leads to the development of the overall mind and body. It sounds irrelevant that how can private tuitions be so impactful that they influence a person's mind and body but actually it does. What you learn in school is different and what you learn from a private home tutor is different. A child is able to connect in a different way from a home tutor then what he does from a school teacher. Private tutors give full attention to their students which makes a child feel important and confident.

    When a child is growing there are lots of issues associated with children including insecurities problem or undivided attention or lack of focus or low confidence. Growing age is a very tender age so it's very important to take care of a child's mental and psychological health along with the physical. Therefore, home tutoring children is a very important step taken by parents as no parent wants their child’s future to suffer just because the home tutor they appointed wasn't good enough. Hence, it's a lot of pressure on the side of parents to make sure that the tutor they are hiring is good and has all the qualities that should be there in the tutor.

    There’s a level of change in the learning capacity of the students once they start taking home tuitions. Children are able to concentrate more, spent more of their time in studying as apart from school homework they also have to do the tuition homework, learn things that goes beyond just the bookish knowledge. A child's mind widens and he/she is able to grasp things more quickly and clearly. Apart, from these are a lot more impacts or you may even calling them benefits of home tuitions on the student's performance; It's simply not that school doesn't provide these things. But school has its different place while home tutoring is entirely different from it. Infact, there’s no comparison between the two in any way.

    To make it easy for parents and students both there are numerous platform online which help in finding online home tutor. It's an easy and a very convenient way of finding a suitable tutor by the parents for their kids. You just have to fill in requirements on such platforms, like if you want a Private Home Tutor in Bangalore, so you’ll type in your city name and your location, also your preferred educational board. They will give you many options; choose the one that suits you and your child.


    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Genextstudents Wikipedia


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  • Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka. Located in its south-eastern part, Bengaluru is a significant economic and cultural hub.

    All business sectors, including the private tuitions sector, always see a successful growth in this city. Thus, people interested in opting tutoring as a primary or secondary job should consider doing it in Bengaluru.

           Education-centric population

    Bengaluru is the fifth largest city in India both by area and population. It is famous not only in India but across the world as it is a huge information technology hub. It is also counted among the top 10 most preferred industrial locations in the world.

    Bengaluru consists of numerous public sector industries, technology companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organizations. Because of its diverse demographics, it has become the second fastest growing major metropolis in India.

    Due to the huge presence of entrepreneurs and techie, the city's population is progressive and focuses a lot on quality education. Parents recognise the cutthroat competition as they see it up front every day and try to make sure their children always have an edge over others.

    Since Private Home Tuitions in Bangalore are a great way to achieve that, more and more parents are looking for good Private Home Tutors in Bangalore for their pupils. Thus, tutors won’t find it difficult to employ themselves.

    Are You A Private Home Tutor? Bengaluru Is The City For You!

           Convenience in Finding Students

    Private Home Tutors in Bangalore can simply look around their neighbourhoods to find students for private tutoring. They can look around in their buildings and societies, even put up notices on boards. Tutors may ask around their relatives or friend circles.

    But this method is not very effective and can be used in any city. The way Bengaluru makes it easier for tutors to find students and parents is through agencies and online platforms. These entities act as mediators between tutors and parents. They provide multiple features to satisfy both the parents and the tutors.

    They do background checks on the tutors to know their past performances. They also take proficiency tests of the tutors to find out their skill level and areas of expertise so they can assign tuitions effectively. Some of them even take a student’s benchmark test and provide the results to tutors so that they can understand a student’s preparation level and the style of teaching that may be required to get through to them. Apps are available for progress tracking and provide online and offline resources to students for additional guidance.

           No Traffic Problems

    Tutoring in most metropolitans becomes a major cause of discomfort because of their impassable traffic. Traffic is rather bad during regular times and gets worse during rush hours. Tutors lose a lot of precious time in getting where they want to and if they have another job, it becomes almost impossible.

    But opting for Private Home Tuitions in Bangalore is a great idea. The city has an efficient Metro system that traverses through all the major locations in Bengaluru. There are frequent buses available to every nook and corner of the city as well.

    With its progressive and education-centric population, online tutoring platforms, and fewer traffic problems, Bengaluru is sure to prove a successful city for tutoring professionals. So come today and join thousands of successful Private Home Tutors in Bangalore.

    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Genextstudents Wiki

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