Some people ‘live to eat’ while some people ‘eat to live’. Many people fall into the second category and proudly call themselves foodies. Everyone knows the importance of healthy eating habits, but due to the inner desires, we all eventually indulge in unhealthy processed foods. Though they are harmful, we end up eating them and eventually generate more and more toxic content in our body.



    There is a cure for such acidic foods, and the cure is water.


    Is tap water really better and much beneficial than all the different varieties of offered water in the stores?


    Some may claim that the Best Water To Drink is the Top Alkaline Water, which is rich in minerals and electrolytes that will help to neutralize the acid in the bloodstream. Before getting into this, educate yourself with some basic chemistry lessons. All forms liquid, whether water, coffee, cold drinks, juice etc. all have a measure of acidity and this level of acidity can be determined by using a pH scale. The pH helps to scale the concentration of hydrogen ions. The level of concentration is measured on a scale of 0-14. Above 7 is basic i.e., alkaline area, 7 is neutral and below 7 is said to be acidic.


    Alkaline water is basic. The Top Alkaline Water contains magnesium and calcium. These compounds of alkaline mix to hydrogen ions and ultimately make the water more basic. Compared to regular water, alkaline water has higher pH level and thus, many claims it to be the Best Water To Drink.


    Regular water is said to be neutral as it has a pH level of 7, whereas alkaline water has a high pH level of 8 or 9. Thus, it is said to neutralize the acidic level in our body. It cannot be said that the benefits of alkaline water that everyone mentions is a myth, the only problem is that its benefits do not provide any scientific evidence.


    However, the advocates of alkaline water state the following advantages:


           Better flow of blood


           Increase in oxygen delivery throughout the body


           Alkaline water contains anti-aging properties


           Improves an individual’s immunity system


           Helps in detoxification


           Removes joint pains


           Helps in fat loss


           Prevents skin diseases as well as cancer


           It acts an energy booster


           It is recommended for heart patients as well


    Alkaline water possesses high hydrating abilities. It has been claimed that it has more hydrating capability than regular water. This feature of alkaline water keeps an individual more active and energetic and improves the metabolism. Some doctors recommend alkaline water while some do not.


    Alkaline water is said to be enriched water but it is not really a necessity. Before changing your water and signing in for the stocks of alkaline water, understand carefully that this alkaline water does not hold any harmful effects but the only thing alkaline water lacks is enough scientific evidence. Some may call the Top Alkaline Water to be the Best Water To Drink, but you should do your own research and drink the right water and take care of your health along with your loved ones.


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