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    We all know that how difficult it is for today's parents to choose the right pre-school, and then the right school and nowadays even the right tutor, because one wrong move could affect their child's life forever. And therefore GENEXT STUDENTS had come up with INDIA'S first tutoring platform and provides services like Home Tutors in Bangalore at www.genextstudents.com which helps the parents connect with the best tutors and that too just by a click of a button.

    We are an enterprise which has been listed among top 40 ed-tech startups in Asia-Pacific (2015) and Awarded by the State Government of Rajasthan under 'YuvaUdyamitaProtsahanYojana' (2014) is bound to possess something extraordinary. The company is a one-stop platform which believes in hiring the best tutors to enhance the tutor student connect and make both the parents and the students worry- free.

    Thistutoring platform had successfully raisedUSD 5,80,000( an estimated fig.), and  they aimed to use the fresh capital primarily to be expanded to newer cities. Our start- up had begun in 2013 has now managed to reach all the metropolitan cities and yet we wish to expand more and more and therefore Ali AsgarKagzi, Co—Founder and Director of Genext Students said: “With our fresh round of funds, we aim to expand our services to more cities across a greater number of geographies and make use of technology in an enhanced manner“.

     It also serves as an amazing platform for the tutors, where even the unbranded tutors can become a part of the Genext Students family and do their share of spreading the knowledge, making everyone educated and help make the world a better place.

    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Wikipedia.com Genextstudents

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