• Company Profile- Genext Students Private Limited

    Each and every year, the education system keeps on changing. And the way of teaching also keeps on changing. Studying in those chaotic coaching classes are not preferred by both students and parents. A student needs a peaceful surrounding to learn and study. The best solution to this problem is private home tuitions. Home tuition is what both parents and students need now and believe in the most for the development of the child. But it is difficult for the tutors who are in search for Home Tutor Jobs in Pune, to find a job for them. Genext Students is one of the business organizations which provide online education in India.

    Company Profile- Genext Students Private Limited

    Genext Students, founded by Ali AsgarKagzi and AsadDaud, is India's 1st Hybrid tutoring platform offer Teaching Jobs in Pune, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. The motto of Genext students is to provide education to each and every student across the nation. It has the aim to provide educations to the children who are unable to get educate due to the financial issues. So, it takes teachers who are not only talented but also interested enough to join the hands with Genext in creating an educated country with a high employment ratio.

    Their hiring tutor process undergoes 30+ parameters. First, the person, who wants to become a tutor, has to sign in the “Become a Tutor” section. After which there are certain steps that the person has to undergo. This will further decide that whether they are eligible to become a tutor in Genext Students or not. The process is too simple and clear, unlike other websites. Genext students have hired over 4,000 tutors in the last 5 years who has been providing the best teaching to the students.

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