• Company profile - Genext Students Private Limited

    Private tuitions have helped students to achieve great success in this highly competitive era. By promoting the one to one interaction between the tutor and the studentithelps the student to understand and learn correctly and to clear their doubts without any hesitation. The tutorial session at the home of the student provides a warm atmosphere to both the tutor and student. Parents are also able to observe the activities of their children and the tutors so thirat they can be assured that their children are being taught correctly.

    Company profile - Genext Students Private Limited

    Many firms have started the business of hometutoring, and one of them is Genext Students.Genext Students Private Limited is a company which has provided India with its first Hybrid platform of education and technology. It has used technology to offer Private tuitions. It was conceptualised by the cousin duo Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. They knew that private tuitions are essential for some students. It becomes tough for the parents to search for an excellent tutor. So, Genext Students hire skilled tutors, and through their online website, the parents connect with them. The company provides the Private tutors at the doorsteps of the parents. Tutors then give their first demo class to the student, and all deal is finalised. This is the whole process of the work done by Genext Students.

    Many skilled people don't have any job. So, Genext Students provides a brilliant opportunity for those people who want a secured position with excellent pay. It provides Home Tutor Jobs in Pune for the advancement of the youth. With their online website, it has now become easy to find Teaching Jobs in Pune.It is an excellent step for increasing the employment leveland education level in our country.


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