• Company Profile – GenextStudents

    Indian parents and students have always aspired for academic excellence. Good grades and high ranks are highly coveted. To this end, parents need their children to have the extra edge when it comes to exams. The need for a tutor to guide the children through concepts, clear their doubts, and most importantly, give them personalised attention has become paramount.

    Company Profile – GenextStudents

    This is where Genext Students steps in. Although home tuitions have been the norm for ages, there are issues and concerns that parents face in terms of the finding the right time slots, verifying the credentials of the tutor and ensuring the safety of their child. GenextStudents uses the cutting edge technology in eLearning to provide home tutors online. Not only does this provide Home Tutor Jobs in Pune and other cities in India, but it also allows the child to have time slots as per their convenience, and also allows parents to check that they choose the best tutor for their child.

    The vision for GenextStudents is to make tutors accessible to all children who want to learn better, irrespective of their location. The platform provides a combination of tutoring online provided by accredited tutors, and proprietary resources and content to give the most value to the student. Currently, GenextStudents has over 10,000 tutors on its rolls.

    The platform caters to the curriculum of national boards ICSE and CBSE boards as well as state boards of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Thus, it provides Teaching Jobs in Pune, Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra and other states to qualified people who are interested in teaching and sharing knowledge.

    GenextStudents is the brainchild of Ali AsgarKagzi and AsadDaud, whose vision it was to bring quality education and home tutoring to all deserving students and provide parents with options, giving them the assurance of excellent content and teaching.

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