Patient beware! Did you know that doctors claiming to cure Psoriasis will most probably cheat you?
    If you knew the 7 basic facts about Psoriasis you would know WHY!
    Definitely you’ve read several ‘scholarly articles’ on Psoriasis and know something but… You’ve probably also noticed that most chains of ‘Specialist Skin Clinics’ or ‘Homeopathy Clinics’ and ‘Con-Doctors’ start their businesses with Psoriasis and Hair fall treatments as their Unique selling Point? Don’t fall prey to photoshopped pictures in magazines and news papers everyday.
    Here are 7 facts about Psoriasis as a disease and why you get fleeced:
    1. The cause of Psoriasis is still unknown
    The exact cause of psoriasis isn’t fully understood, but scientists believe psoriasis is the result of several factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and the immune system. Hence your psoriasis doctor will always give you ‘a reason’ that will make you think that he really knows your problem. He will tell you something that you have never heard before and you will end up signing up with him.
    2. Your mood affects the psoriatic aggravations and periods of betterment
    So, while you think the medicines prescribed or creams applied are working, its actually your mood that is affecting your psoriatic aggravations or ameliorations.
    3. Psoriasis has no correlation with your diet.
    Most doctors will give you a strict diet and take your money for the same. One must understand that Psoriasis is an auto-immune problem and has nothing to do with what you eat.
    4. Local applications or creams don’t cure Psoriasis.
    Coal tar applications, Shampoos or Steroidal creams can never cure an auto-immune disease! This just has never happened in the history of mankind. Auto-immunity is by the virtue of erratic genetic mechanisms hence theres no way that a local application can alter that! But steroids or cytostatics will give you instantaneous and magical temporary relief. the moment they are stopped, disease will come back with a double bang. Don’t ever fall for it.
    5. Its difficult for you to differentiate between excessive Dandruff and Psoriasis.
    Most ignorant doctors will start treating your harmless dandruff on the scalp as psoriasis and will also claim to have cured it!
    6. Long duration of Psoriasis.
    Con-Doctors will always lead you in to believing that it takes years to cure psoriasis and hence will buy time from you and keep giving you useless medicines and fleece you during this period. Best text books of dermatology mention a 7 year treatment process.
    7. Psoriasis has cosmetic value.
    Unfortunately most people will choose skin treatments over something more important like blood-pressure or heart ailments. Patients spend 20 times more money on problems of the skin (cosmetology) over serious internal issues. Con-doctors know this and will exploit your weakness of having low self esteem.
    So what do you do?
    Here’s what researchers will advice you:
    1. Ask your doctor to define a period. Doctors trying to give you short and quick-fix solutions are conning you.
    2. Ask homeopaths on what they are actually giving you. Have you ever bothered to ask for a prescription at a homeopathic clinic? Have they ever told you? WHY NOT? Are you so ignorant to take anything internally in to your body blindly?
    3. Ask your doctor to give you contact details of patients that he claims to have cured. Call them up or meet them. See how the treatment has helped them.
    4. Disappearance of a psoriatic lesion here and there doesn’t mean it is cured.
    5. No remission of Psoriasis for more than 7 years means it is cured. Verify that!
    6. Even if psoriatic lesions have disappeared, always check for what came after it. Diseases do not disappear, they transform to higher or lower forms, thats a law of Bio-energetics and Physics.
    7. Always check what came after psoriasis got better. Was it A) Diabetes, Hashimoto;s thyroid issues, joint problems or B) sinusitis, gastritis or dermatitis? Most cases of wrongly treated psoriasis develop white patches or vitiligo: a sure sign of suppression!!
    The Mechanism:
    To control and cure psoriasis mathematically, first the perverted or erratic genetic defence mechanism will have to be corrected by giving the right informations to your body through infinitesimal signalling process used in homeopathy. This will ensure that your body will start defending your self with a lower burden. For e.g: ‘Psoriasis with Cracks‘ will have to be transformed to ‘Psoriasis with Inflammation‘ (destruction and loss of skin integrity to increased sensitivity and irritation). And then the auto-immune process that attacks immature skin cells (due to shortened cell cycle) will be transformed to ‘stasis’ or ‘inflammation’.
    Now the question is, will your doctor know this or be honest enough to reveal this to you? Any conscientious doctor would. But what if….
    Don’t worry, there is advanced software technology to your rescue. You will get an honestheads-up on your situation in less than 10 minutes once you follow 3 simple steps. And all this for FREE!

    Open eHeilung.com

    1. Click on link www.eHeilung.com 
    2. Do a quick sign-up or do a Facebook login
    3. Open Disease Compass, enter your original or source problem, enter your current or existing disease and get a mathematical result with scientific explanations on why this conclusion.
    For a more detailed road-map for you or your doctor on what to do next, ask your doctor to analyse your case using the ‘2nd Opinion‘ tool by clicking this link: Free 2nd Opinion
    Dr. Khedekar has done extensive research in this filed for over 17 years and has also published his thesis on ‘Homeopathic management of Psoriasis’ in 2003 for which he was awarded an MD degree by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Bangalore)

    Imperial clinics Mumbai

    Dr. Shreepad A. Khedekar, BHMS, MD (homeopathy), a specialist for over 17 years, he has used homeopathy in his Switzerland, Belgrade and Mumbai practice for the last 17 years. He lectures on homeopathy at Switzerland, Croatia and at the Serbian Doctors Association (SLD) Teaching Centre in Belgrade and has a busy private practice in Dadar and at Shushrusha Citizens co-operative hospital, Mumbai and is the only Homeopath in their 60 year history.

    Dr. Shreepad Khedekar  is the Clinical Director, Imperial clinics Mumbai and Imperial clinics Belgrade, Consultant at Shushrusha Citizens Co-op Hospital Mumbai and Physician to several international stars and celebrities.

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