• Eduvanz– Loans for a Bright Future

    Eduvanz loans founded in 2016 by Varun Chopra is a Mumbai based start-up, its main aim is to offer study loans to young professionals with skills and knowledge and potential in various fields. It has raised 13 crores from various ventures and foundations. They provide study Loan For Courses purely depending upon the academics score.

    Eduvanz– Loans for a Bright Future

    Eduvanz is a non-banking finance company who provide loans at a very affordable interest rate. For aspirants hoping to study abroad, this company is nothing short of a gift. It offers an opportunity to fulfill your dreams at a very reasonable price. The interest rates offered by the banks these days in burying students as well as their parents with intense encumbrance. 

    How to apply for Eduvanz loans: -

    1.      Select

    First, select the course and the institution you desire.

    2.      Apply 

    The next step will be the verification and documentation of everything necessary.

    3.      Approval 

    You will get instant support from loan advisor.

    4.      Learn & Repay 

    Once your career takes up the flight after the course completion, you can repay the loan with affordable EMI's.

    Along with providing reasonable interest rates, Eduvanz doesn’t discriminate between different courses. Eduvanz provides loan for professional courses as well as loans for certification courses. All the professional courses like engineering, medical, law, literature and many more find a bright future here. Eduvanz may or may not insist on collateral, that solely depends upon the loan amount.

    Documents Necessary: -

    ·         KYC Documents

    1.      Photo ID

    2.      Address Proof

    3.      Signature Proof


    ·         Education Documents

    1.      Highest Complete Degree

    2.      Highest Certificate Course

    3.      Any Applicable Scholarship


    ·         Other Eligibility


    These companies do not as for credit worthiness for providing loans. Instead, they check the academic background and the candidate’s social background before sanctioning the loan.

    People these days focus on high demand professional courses like engineering and medical, but with these courses, there are many other fields that get left behind or unnoticed. It is easy to get loans for professional courses than any certificate course which is out of the league. Eduvanz helps people looking for education loan in fields like: - 

    1.      Finance

    2.      Health Care

    3.      Retail Banking

    4.      Catering Courses

    5.      Art Courses

    What does the loan cover?

    1.      It covers the course fee.

    2.      It covers registration fees, counseling fees, library fees, etc.

    3.      It covers college expenses like accommodation, exams, food and many more.

    4.      The loan is provided for both full-time, part-time and vocational courses.

    Benefits for Students: -

    1.      Get instant approval for a loan with our financial advisors.

    2.      The process is completely online and very user-friendly, submit the application online via the app or website

    3.      It is student-friendly because of low-cost loans, flexible tenure and absolutely no hidden charges.

    Taking a loan is a big responsibility, students study with the shadow of intense loan always lurking behind their backs, but with Eduvanz it not only builds up your career it also gives you the freedom to study without pressureand outshine yourself in the field of your interest.

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