• Fairness Whitening Creams - All that you need to know!

    In today's world where your skin colour defines how pretty you are, it is easy to lose self-confidence if you are of a darker tone. A dull complexion makes a person conscious of his or her self. That is why there has always been a demand for whitening creams. With time, a lot of such creams have emerged in the market. Many are dumped because of the side effects they have on the consumers. Some of them, however, do have lasting results.

    How to ensure that the cream you are using will have lasting results?

    The first thing to make sure is that it isn't made both for men and women. Due to the difference in the kind of skins of the men and women, a Face Whitening Cream For Men is supposed to be very different from a Face Whitening Cream For Women. If they are the same, then there is a fair chance that the cream won't give notable results. If however, they are different, then make sure to check the ingredients option in the back of the cream. A whitening cream which has more natural ingredients than chemicals is safe to use. If it does, then you have found yourself a genuine cream.

    Fairness Whitening Creams - All that you need to know!

    Do these creams have side effects?

    Even though natural Face Whitening Creams For Men and Face Whitening Creams For women are made in such a way that they do not have any side effects, sometimes redness or itchiness is observed in some people. If that is the case, then the usage of the cream must be stopped immediately.

    How long does it take for results to kick in?

    It is not easy to get instant fairness. So if cream promises instant fairness, it is most likely a fake cream. And even if that cream provides it, the fairness would most likely be gone after one use. For genuine, long-lasting results, the cream must be applied regularly for a month or two at least. It is next to impossible to get fairness before that.

    Do fairness creams work on all types of skin?

    A genuine one does. However, it takes more time for the dusky complexion to get fair. If the whitening cream is not showing anyresults in spite of repeated usage, then it's probably time to change the cream.

    How do I know if I'm being affected by the cream?

    Most fairness creams come with a skin tone meter. You can check which number is yours at the start of the usage and then a few weeks later to see if there is any improvement or not.

    Are fairness creams suggested for oily skin?

    Most fairness creams also have products for different kinds of skins. So an oily skin will have a cream specialised for oily skin only. If not, then you can always call on the customer service of that company to find out more about the cream and its usage.

    How should I use a fairness cream?

    It is advisable to wash your face with clear water and then apply the cream.  Doing this twice is recommended.

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