• Holistic education- A key to Overall Development

    In earlier times the society was not that advanced to cover broader aspects regarding the development of an individual. According to them, academic investment is the only source of self-progress. They emphasized their child to invest more in academic courses as well as directing them not to waste their time in other non-academic activities. But do only academic helpsone to progress or develop properly? Do covering academics well will lead you to a good experience to lead your life?

    Society of today’s world is highly competitive in nature. The higher competition has resulted in the introduction of new fields to ease the competition a little bit. A biologist Charles Darwin mentioned that the Society favors the fittest.

    The term fittest does not include being fit physically but it covers the physical, social, mental as well as ethnic fitness of an individual. Therefore for complete development, an individual needs to be fit from all aspects. The first stepping stone towardsone's complete development is theirSchooling.

    Holistic education- A key to Overall Development

    How Schooling invests in One's development?

    Schooling is the primary step that is considered the most important as it initiates the process of completedevelopment in an individual.  The school covers the complete academic aspects of an individual. It helps in inculcating the aspects of education and the importance of academics in every individual.

    The school events are organized frequently covering the academic as well as a few non-academic aspects. But is that sufficient?

    Need for Holistic education

    Holistique Learning has introduced holistic education which is a broader array of the field that is responsible for the overall development of an individual like creating awareness of current problems like Ocean Pollution. Making them capable of behaving or facing any situation of life is the soul perspective of this type of education.

    The Holistic Learning covers-

    ·         The core academic that is essential for the enhancement of academic knowledge.

    ·         Lessons including situations leading to better thinking skills.

    ·         Teaching healthy skills for social activities and interaction.

    ·         Overall character enhancement.

    ·         Emotional handling and development.

    ·         Teaching basic manners of behaving and many more.

    Covering all these aspects or factors will automatically lead to the complete or overall development of an individual and that's what makes Holistic education most likely to be practiced.

    Benefits of Holistic education

    The process of inculcation of Holistic education leads to an enhanced personality which appears satisfactory to the society as well as to one’s self.

    ·         Mental Wellness-

    The Holistic education helps in the complete mental wellness of an individual. It covers all the factors of mental fitness. Emotional development, psychological development as well as teaching them ways of dealing with mental stress are some factors covered by Holistic education.

    ·         Physical Wellness-

    The complete physical confidence builds up so as to present yourself properly to the society is what taught by Holistic education.

    ·         Social Wellness-

    TheHolistic education also leads to the social development of an individual. Teaching good manners to adopt, enhancing the communication skills, to deal with the society properly are some of the factors taken care by Holistic education.


    The complete development is not dependent on academics only. One should be taught to include non-academic prospects along with the academic once. Apart from the Academic School events and non-academic events leading to the full development of an individual should be introduced too.

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