• Holistic Learning is absolute – The initiative of Holisioque Learning

    Wonder if studying will be the most exciting part of the day, attending classes is the new hobby! Education pattern has changed and so has the mindset of the people. Now the classes are conducted strictly but in an atmosphere where each student is a part of it as completing home and classwork is not a tedious task anymore.

    Today if we are stuck somewhere, we just open our mobile phones find the google app and search it, learn from it or simply read it, but some learning and teachings can never be learned through Google or any such app. The true lessons of life are always taught by our beloved teachers.

    Everyone mentions it that the best phase of life is in fact the school life. The friends we meet, the teachers we remember, the mischievous activities and of course, their teachings. School would not be so much fun without teachers and their scolding’s and for this reason and to show them this respect and love, there is a day devoted for them, which is specifically known as “teachers’ day". In different countries, the day is celebrated on different dates as various Activities on Teachers’ Day are initiated by all the staff and students of the school.

    Holistic Learning is absolute – The initiative of Holisioque Learning

    Celebrating teachers’ day in a holistic way is so much fun, during Assembly on Teacher’s Day instead of current news we can just come up with exciting news about our teachers. Holistique Learning shows us the importance of all such events and let us know the best way of expressing all emotions in the simplest way. With the help of this educational platform, all the students can now celebrate the occasion of teacher’s day in the best possible manner. All the students can now be educated about their teachers and in turn, the overall respect for the professionals is bound to increase in the minds of the students.

    The operations of Holistique Learning is not only limited to conducting Activities on Teachers’ Day. The business organization is involved in organizing various festivals and events so that children of the present generation are informed about their roots and gain more information about their culture and tradition. This is precisely what Holistique Learning looks to achieve.

    According to the recent survey, parents are keen towards that if their child is learning anything it should be learned in the best possible way, which is difficult at schools and therefore, apart from schools students are attending few evening classes which are less like a learning center and more like a rejuvenating place. “The belief that we can learn things with utmost sincerity within the confinement of a classroom is old now. Students now learn on an interactive level.” as mentioned by the director of the company.

    This new learning experience is getting more popular now and will be more prevalent in the coming days with a thought that learning is the only key to every lock we face in life.

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