We often see people who seem different from the majority of us. Have you ever wondered why? We would have probably assumed that the person is disabled in some manner but we do not tend to realize what the situation could be. One such situation is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Most people consider Autism to be an incurable disorder, but technology and innovation in the medical world have proved it wrong. Homeopathy is the Best Treatment Of Autism.


    Autism or Autism spectrum disorder is a condition, which involves a Complex disorder of brain development. The person suffering from Autism may find it difficult to communicate with the society. ASD is also associated with physical health issues such as gastrointestinal disturbances. Initially, Autism was considered an incurable disorder, but in this, modern world everything has changed with the emerging technology and development that has finally concluded that Autism can be cured by homoeopathy.

    With time a lot of research and experiments have been conducted and it has been concluded that homeopathy is the type of treatment which does not cause any side effects. Other types of treatments might have a counter reaction or side effects. Therefore it is safe to say that you should consult of certified physician first and then try out homeopathy for the treatment.

    Diagnosis of autism:
    There are many forms of homoeopathic treatments practised all around the world. The traditional classic homoeopathy is one of the forms that are used for the treatment of Autism, both in children as well as adults. The treatment varies from person to person based on certain factors. Some of the factors to be considered are:
    Physical health
    •          Mental health
    Emotional response
    Social behaviour
    The main factor is that how the patient responds to the dosage provided. It may even take 100 days to notice the improvements initially. Though it works slowly, it is considered to be the Best Treatment For Autism as of now.

    The procedure of homoeopathic treatment:

    Various therapies are conducted to the patient in order to cure autism completely. Dr Khedekar, a famous Indian homoeopathic doctor has suggested that Autism can be cured only if the patient is placed under constant observation and by the regular intake of prescribed medicines.

           Good behaviour therapy: 

    A child’s character is changed by teaching him/her the basic skills like Learning, conversing and reading etc.

           Good diet:

    Protein such as casein and gluten may slow down the recovery. Thus, a diet free of these two proteins will act as a catalyst in the curing process.

     Why is homoeopathy considered as the best treatment?

    People nowadays consider that conventional system of medicine can cure all the disorders. In case of Autism, conventional medicines are provided only to suppress the behavior of the affected child. The treatment of Autism through homoeopathy does not follow the same mechanism; the patient's DNA is stimulated in order to correct the disorder.

    Since the process does not have any negative side effects homoeopathy is considered as the Best Treatment For Autism.

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