• Buying a car seems like a substantial investment to make online. There are small things one can buy online. Some food, gifts, even medical supplies or food. But the thought of buying a car online can be a little bit scary. Cars and homes are always considered the epitome of a commodity to own. If one wishes to Buy a New Car Online without a dealer, then this can be done in 2019. The idea of such a colossal product reaching a doorstep can seem very orthodox. However, it could have its advantages, here are a few: 

    Why buying a car online is better than from a dealership.

    1. The online market is in one place.

    If a new car buyer is to shortlist a car, they will take your fro dealer to dealer. In the real world, car showrooms differ by brands, makes, and costs. This difference means one must travel from place to place and understand the specifications of each of them. The same is not a case in the online marketplace. If one was to look online, every possible car is listed on the same website. The whole process to Buy a Car Online can stem from a room in the house.

    1. Searching with filters

    On the internet e-com platform, there are filters put in place to help users narrow down the option they are seeking. These filters enable the users to find the car they need not just by the make but also by factors like size, engine power, colors, top speed, etc. The same cannot happen from a dealership. The only source of information is the executive at the dealer, and he/she could feed misinformation to the buyer to promote sales. Which brings us to point number four.

    1. Human Bias

    When someone is to Buy a New Car Online, they must only talk to an executive if there there is a problem or during the time of delivery. The decision making is not in the hands of a good salesman who can trick the buyer. The other tipping factor is that of human emotion. The salesperson can show bias toward making a sale based on caste, gender, or race. This prejudice is a human factor that can be cut-off entirely if the process moves online.

    1. Easy payment.

    Since the outbreak of the internet into the financial technology sector, an online payment gateway is considered much safer than an offline one. The online installments have records and details tracked at every stage of the payment. These layers give users a better chance of a follow-up. The most significant advantage is that this payment is instant and does not take days to process -- unlike in the case of cheques. 

    To Buy a Car Online or not to buy, that’s the question? Well, as futuristic as it may seem, there is no reason why one must not adapt to online purchase even in the automobile sector. With speed, ease, and efficiency in one place, the online way is the way forward.

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  • In the last decade, there is no single commodity that has not moved to the online world — books, food, even medication. The online market place is booming, and there is a good reason for it. It’s easy and fast, and the goods reach you in no time. If you wish to buy the Acuvue Contact Lens Monthly, then wouldn’t it make more sense to buy them online? Rather than takes a trip to the store each month. Here are a few more factors.

    Nothing wrong with buying your lenses online.

    Will they get the power of the lens correctly?

    If the worry is the mismatch of the power, that can happen even at a physical retail store. Lenses are made only based on the prescription. The prescription the ophthalmologist give is valid across the world. When a lens is ordered online, the consumer is asked to upload his/her prescription. The odds of a mismatch are almost nil. 

    Another mistake many make is that they order the lenses online without the consultation of a doctor. This process is a big no-no. Although the store is online, it is still regulated and will only sell upon the advice of a doctor.

    Same brands sold online? 

    The lens quality you will find at your store and the online store are the same. It is no different in the make either. An Acuvue Contact Lens from the local retail store is the same as that sold online. The distribution channels for both the retail and the website are the same. The advantage online networks have is that they can hold a much higher inventory. The vast collection enables the company to never delayed or canceled because of a stock deficit. Since the small retail has to fight small spaces and is never sure of the local demand, they could be short on supplies.

    Online lens are cheaper, so could be lower in quality? 

    The lenses online are only cheaper because they do not account for a lot of factors a retail store needs to. The cost of rent, workforce, and physical overheads are all eliminated when the business is online. The seller online will be able to offer a more reasonable price on the Acuvue Contact Lens Monthly subscription than the local vendor. This price does not equate for a quality drop -- it just implies that online is a better business model.

    Can online e-com websites be trusted?

    The online market is also a regulated space. Any website that sells medical supplies is supposed to have the certification and proof for authentic on the site. These records should be enough to reassure the visitors on the website about the trust factor. Also, most online stores that are selling contact lenses have a team of ophthalmologist working for them who makes sure all the prescriptions are correct, and the orders made to the right specifications.

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  • Holistique Learning celebrated Republic day in the most wonderful way. They explained the students the importance of this special day through the various republic day activities. The principal as well as the Chief Guest told the students about what they can do and how they can get their inspiration from the great achievers. There were also a number of cultural activities that were undertaken by the various students. They dedicated all the performances to the great achievers.

    There were also a number of classical dances, yoga and acrobat performances by students. These were also organized in order to showcase the talent of these students to the rest of the students. The students also receive prizes from the chief guests. Thus the day ended on a very happy note for all the enthusiastic students. The Republic Day Program in School helped students understand the contributions of the great freedom fighters.

    Celebrating Republic Day In School: Innovative way to learn Patriotism

    There were also a march past that happened on this particular day. The students were given uniforms and were asked to come neat and tidy. Then when everyone came to the school the principal gave a welcome speech. The principal also introduced the chief guest to the students. He also talked about the very good performances of the teachers as well as the students. Even the notable performance of the institute was discussed.

    The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest. There were also certain republic day activities that took place. One of these activities is named as the pin the Ashoka chakra. In order to undertake this activity the students had to first take a big poster of an Indian flag that did not have the Ashok Chakra. Then this poster was pasted on the wall. Then each of the participants were given the printed Ashoka Chakra and were asked to write their names behind it. Then the eyes of these students were covered with a band and then each of the students had to try to pin the Ashoka chakra on the Indian flag one after another. Guiding, misguiding and hooting to a great extent increased the fun of this game.

    There was also another game where the students had to match the various slogans. Here each of the students were given a print out of the names of the various freedom fighters and also the various slogans. The students then had to match these slogans with the names of each of the freedom fighters. The student who was able to match the maximum number of slogans was declared the winner.

    Apart from these there were also other activities which took place on this particular day. The Republic Day Assembly Script was also read out on this day. The company was able to successfully help students understand the importance of republic day and the contribution of the various freedom fighters. This company also arranged for an activity that was related to the hoisting of the flag. There were a total of five things related to the independence day that students had to find. The team that was able to find all these things together were declared winners. This was a great day and the students loved it.

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  • The dinner and drinks part of the wedding is always the highlight. A bride or groom might think this day is about them. But if you take the food and alcohol out of a wedding, it’s a celebration gone dry. There are many things to keep in mind when you book a Bartender at Wedding parties. Every wedding couple spends hours interviewing the photographer, the caterer, even the venue owners. But how many people interview the bartender? Maybe it sounds unconventional to interview a bartender since they are always assumed to be good at their job.

    What interview questions to ask a wedding bartender?

    The bar and the service is the centerpiece of your wedding. The moment there is the bar is dry or the bartender is making the wrong drinks, it can sidetrack your wedding all together. A lot can go wrong in a wedding bar. A wedding bartender should be able to dodge any problem that is thrown his/her way.  Here are the questions one should ask when booking the service to the Bartender The Wedding party.

    • Do you know how to deal with intoxicated guests?

    A drunk individual can ruin the entire night. The moment you see one drunk, out of control guest -- the attention of everyone else goes there. Weddings are a great reason for celebrations and it can be easy to get carried away and drink too much. A professional wedding bartending service will have the experience to deal with such a situation. The things you say and the manner in which they behave can make or break the tension. An expert bartender will also know when to start reducing drink quantities or add sobering agents to a drink when they see the first signs of intoxication.

    • Will there be a bussing service?

    Some wedding groups are under the impression that a bartending service will not just mix and arrange the alcohol but also serve them at the wedding venue. Most companies that provide a Bartender at Wedding parties need to be informed beforehand if you are looking at additional staff to bus drinks to the guests. This might be an additional service for a small fee.  

    • Can you make a wedding signature cocktail?

    A wedding bar is incomplete without a signature cocktail. The bartender service should be able to give you this. They talk to the bride and groom and invent a cocktail that tells your story. It's a common trend at all weddings today since it gives the guests a memory to take back.  This drink is also a great way to spark a conversation among guests about the story behind the wedding.

    • What attire will they work in?

    The staff at a formal gathering cannot be dressed like caricatures. One should not be hesitant to ask the company about it. The presentation and the interactions of the bartender play a huge role in setting the mood for the wedding party.

    • How will the service be done?

    At a wedding with the number of guests is a never-ending count. In such a situation you need to ask them how they plan to do the service. Will they be using glasses or disposable cups? All of these must complement the decor of your wedding. No guest should be offended by the quality of service or the manner it is served in. 

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    Bartenders are the people who serve alcohol to the customers in the bar. They have great depth knowledge of the intricacies involved in serving the customer. Where do they all learn this skill? That is where the concept of Bartending School comes. Like many private business institutions Bartending School is also one of them. Bartending Classes include classes on drink mixology, that is, the knowledge of mixing drinks and how you can present them in a pleasing manner. These classes also include topics covering the laws of the country or state in which the bar is present.

    Bartending School: Yet another school

    What exactly does a bartending school teach? 

    The BartendingSchool teaches what a professional bartender needs to know before working in a bar. This includes drinks mixology which is the correct pours of the drinks, learning the names of the brands of the liquors. The school mainly focuses on the aspects of drinks and the etiquette of bartending along with the laws and regulations prevailing where the bar is situated.  Bartenders are also taught how they can set up or run their own bar. With bar comes the problems too. The problems include teenage drinking, drunk driving, and quarrelsome customers. Now a good Bartending School will also teach how to be gentle but at the same time to be professional in the bar so as not to earn a bad reputation for the bar. These Bartending Classes groom the bartender so as to deal with any kind of situation coming along the way.Bartending Classes usually last for weeks and after the completion of the course and after the completion of the course, the students are provided with the certificates which help in getting the license.

    Need for Bartending School

    If someone is going to be a bartender, the need to interact with the customers will arise for sure. Learning to bridge the difference between the businessman and the drinking buddy will gain a daily customer. This skill can surely be acquired in a bartending school. Those who have attended the school know the laws and avoid breaking them for who wants to break any law. The correct upselling way which is the idea where the bartender offers additional items can only be learned at Bartending School and this will earn more money as the goal says. A bartender who attends the school will be able to tell the importance of a correct pour. Controlling a bar is a huge responsibility. The bartender needs to be confident and a leader in the bar. He should be able to calculate the speed and the number of people for a better service. Dealing with the chaos at the bar is something a bartender should be an expert at. Information about the drinks and how it is made can be considered as prerequisite knowledge. The bartender can be asked about anything related to it by the customer like the difference between a scotch and a bourbon or what's a sour mix. A bartender who doesn't know all these specialties won't be appreciated by the customers. All of the skills are needed and they can be learned at a Bartending School. Therefore a Bartending School is needed.


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