• We all know that how difficult it is for today's parents to choose the right pre-school, and then the right school and nowadays even the right tutor, because one wrong move could affect their child's life forever. And therefore GENEXT STUDENTS had come up with INDIA'S first tutoring platform and provides services like Home Tutors in Bangalore at www.genextstudents.com which helps the parents connect with the best tutors and that too just by a click of a button.

    We are an enterprise which has been listed among top 40 ed-tech startups in Asia-Pacific (2015) and Awarded by the State Government of Rajasthan under 'YuvaUdyamitaProtsahanYojana' (2014) is bound to possess something extraordinary. The company is a one-stop platform which believes in hiring the best tutors to enhance the tutor student connect and make both the parents and the students worry- free.

    Thistutoring platform had successfully raisedUSD 5,80,000( an estimated fig.), and  they aimed to use the fresh capital primarily to be expanded to newer cities. Our start- up had begun in 2013 has now managed to reach all the metropolitan cities and yet we wish to expand more and more and therefore Ali AsgarKagzi, Co—Founder and Director of Genext Students said: “With our fresh round of funds, we aim to expand our services to more cities across a greater number of geographies and make use of technology in an enhanced manner“.

     It also serves as an amazing platform for the tutors, where even the unbranded tutors can become a part of the Genext Students family and do their share of spreading the knowledge, making everyone educated and help make the world a better place.

    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Wikipedia.com Genextstudents

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  • It is considered that Chinese visa requires a permit by the Chinese consulate in the country. The rules and regulations for acquisition of visa for any country are very rigid and strict. This makes them essential to be followed and hence there are more chances for rejection. It is believed that the acquisition of Chinese visa in London is very lengthy task. This may sometime require sleepless nights. It is believed that one can Get Chinese visa London From www.visasrus.co.uk with the help of professional services. These services have proven as a blessing for the people, who are interested to visit several other countries because of numerous reasons including education, business, travel, trip or any other.

    Enjoy hassle free experience of Chinese visa application at Visasrus!!!

    One can also follow a link and Apply For China visa UK at www.visasrus.co.uk, so as to get visa either as an individual or as a group. It is said that the group visa for China is applicable for the tourist groups, schools, etc. it is considered essential to have at least two members in a group for acquisition of such visa. The individual visa is a visa for an aspirant or a person. It looks like a sticker on the passport of a person. The application for visa can be made either directly or with assistance by a team of professional and experienced consultants.

    It is said that China is a Schengen country. So, the applicants interested are required to have a Schengen visa, in order to enjoy visit to such countries. Some of the members of these countries include Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, etc. the applicants are required to show visa to the embassy, if he/she is applying for a visit in more than one country. The type of visa depends upon the nature of travel of an applicant.           

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  • Private tuitions have helped students to achieve great success in this highly competitive era. By promoting the one to one interaction between the tutor and the studentithelps the student to understand and learn correctly and to clear their doubts without any hesitation. The tutorial session at the home of the student provides a warm atmosphere to both the tutor and student. Parents are also able to observe the activities of their children and the tutors so thirat they can be assured that their children are being taught correctly.

    Company profile - Genext Students Private Limited

    Many firms have started the business of hometutoring, and one of them is Genext Students.Genext Students Private Limited is a company which has provided India with its first Hybrid platform of education and technology. It has used technology to offer Private tuitions. It was conceptualised by the cousin duo Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. They knew that private tuitions are essential for some students. It becomes tough for the parents to search for an excellent tutor. So, Genext Students hire skilled tutors, and through their online website, the parents connect with them. The company provides the Private tutors at the doorsteps of the parents. Tutors then give their first demo class to the student, and all deal is finalised. This is the whole process of the work done by Genext Students.

    Many skilled people don't have any job. So, Genext Students provides a brilliant opportunity for those people who want a secured position with excellent pay. It provides Home Tutor Jobs in Pune for the advancement of the youth. With their online website, it has now become easy to find Teaching Jobs in Pune.It is an excellent step for increasing the employment leveland education level in our country.


    Visit our Wikipedia Page for more information about : Genextstudents Wikipedia

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  • In the modern day world, people are very conscious about their architectural management and interior designs. Corporations want their workplaces to stand out and be innovative to create a fresh aura for their employees and customers. To find an architect firm that works according to the clients’ need is a difficult task. ‘Sarayan’ works to create rewarding workplaces.

    Company Profile- Sarayan Architect Firm

    Established in 2002, ‘Sarayan’ is a multi-disciplinary architecture, planning and designing firm situated in Mumbai.It delivers world-class solutions and designs to its clients. It is one of the leading architect firms in India which provide excellent skilled Architects And Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai, Pune, Goa etc.

    In 2016 and 2018, it had been honored as the Eminent Jury at the Grand Stands Awards in Mumbai. The company has also been nominated for the “Most Promising( architecture and design) Company Excellence Award” at the 11th International Achievers Summit and Awards Ceremony on Global Business Opportunities to be held at Bangkok.

    Within a span of 18 years, Sarayan Company has developed as a competition to other leading world-known architect firms. The success of Sarayan as one of the leading consultants lies in client satisfaction. They provide professional and client-friendly services. Their services reflect their vision which is to set up a benchmark in design and build solutions through constant innovations and trust. They have committed to provide their clients with the best in quality, design, and style.

    The firm led by Pankaj Lad, an Architect And Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai, has emerged to be one of the top architecture firms in India. The company provides their services to corporates, medical and health care, and retail spaces. The team of architects strives to build Sarayan into a premium brand by providing spaces. Their package includes turnkey project management right from procurement to implementation and budget management. They have accomplished multiple projects across the country, especially in Mumbai.

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  • The world is developing with each new day.These development sarenecessary to make our live seasier and comfortable.These development sarenotonly about new inventions and modern technologies but also about renovating our home and workplaces to make the maesthetically pleasing as well as utilitarian.Many architects and designers are available in the market who provide well designed and orderly workspaces tha the lps the companies in providing a healthy ambience to the employees and enhance their productivity.The architectural firms provide complete and integrated architectural and interiordesign services tha thlpto convert the existing workplace in toanultra-modernworkplace.These firms help to visualise the client’s descriptions,create layout and  the developasynergic workplace that is in tune with the client’saspirations and company’s growth.By designing a workplace where every employee loves to work,will gradually increase the productivity of the employees and lead the company toward ssuccess.

    How the Best architectural firms in Mumbai are changing the ball game

    The Best Architects in Mumbai are working there for many years.Their work is worth every appreciation.Their effort and work are clearly visible in them agnificence of the buildings, work places and other architectural monuments.These buildings are beautifully designed and built as pertheclient’s comfort.The success of all the leading multinational Architectural Firms in Mumbai lies in the satisfaction of the client.These firms work with an objective to ensure client satisfaction through constant forts toward squality with a highlevel of technical expertise.They believe in providing them  professional,competitive and client-friendly services.The firms engaged in competing with them selves-in a constantbidtora is their level of service and design excellence that would surpasss client's expectations.We follow a series of careful steps from the conception to the delivery of complete products.Them arketisfull of many such companies promising good services.


    Features provided by these firms: 


    A person on a naver agespendsone-thir do their lifes panatwork.There are multiple factors that lead to the employe to maintain work-life balance and success due to their surroundings. The se firms provide the following facilities:


         Transforming businesss through the design

         Redefining luxury with a working atmosphere

         Reinstating workplace efficiency

         Designing for optimumspace management

         Creating profitable workplace


    These firms with experience of current market trends and in conjunction with vastindustry knowledge, create theright workplace strategy to increase the performance resulting in innovation,efficiency and higher productivity.A team of experts under takes the detailed study of the client’s company or organisation,their requirements,work activities and integrates these factors to for mulate anefficient workplace that will accommodate all the current and future requirements of the client.

    The Multinational Architectural Firms in Mumbai provide the best designs and workmodels that integrateunique, rewarding workspace and solution to build the client’s dream frominception to completion.The firm with closely with the client to work as a team to improvise the workplace that complements the client’s vision for the successful future of the company or organisation.

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