• The Challenges Faced By a Private Tutor

    A private tutor can impact the life of a student positively through his teachings. However, there are numerous challenges that he faces while tutoring the student. If the tutor has an understanding of the difficulties that he might face, it becomes much easier for him to tackle them.

    Every student possesses some prior knowledge, experience and skills when he takes up the tutoring lessons. The tutor must find out what the student already knows and which skills he needs to acquire for his academic progress.

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    The Challenges Faced By a Private Tutor

    The challenges faced by a private tutor in the course of teaching are:

           Maintaining the interest of the student: 

    Maintaing the interest of the student is essential for the tutoring session to be successful. The tutor has to ensure that the student is receptive to the content and he is interested in what is being taught to him. The students tend to get bored quickly especially if the lesson is a difficult one. To break the monotony of the tutoring session, the tutor needs to reduce the tension by adding levity. Laughter can go a long way in breaking the ice between the teacher and the student. The tutor should relate the content to the real life and then teach it to his student; this will help the student to retain the lesson in his mind and have a better understanding of the subject matter.

           Managing the expectations of the parents and the student: 

    Parents often expect the student to show academic progress within a few weeks of availing tutoring sessions. Each student is different from the other regarding his skills. Moreover, each student has different learning capacity. Therefore, a tutor cannot always guarantee success for a student. A student needs to work hard to achieve his goals.

           Unsupportive student: 

    Tutoring sessions provide an insight into many behavioural patterns of the students. The student might be too lazy and lack motivation for learning and understanding new concepts. While teaching a new concept, the tutor should introduce it through educational games; this will help the student to remember the concept for a longer time. For some students, tutoring may be synonymous with additional work, and this may contribute to their unwillingness to learn. The tutor has to capture the attention of the student throughout the tutoring session and create such an environment for him which is well-suited to learning.

           Stress and anxiety on the part of the student:

    Many-a-times, the student faces problems while learning in a traditional classroom setting. Hence, his parents might put additional pressure on him to gain the most from the tutoring session. Such a student may be very stressed out. As a result, it becomes the responsibility of the tutor to analyse the student's learning style and then experiment with the methods that align with it.

    Overcoming these challenges requires experience and skills on the part of the tutor. Therefore, if you are thrilled by the prospect of becoming a teacher, you can become a Tuition Teacher in Mumbai at www.genextstudents.com.



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