• Things to know about fairness cream


    All men and women regardless of their age, want clear and radiant skin. Hyperpigmentation of melanin is one of the major reasons that stops for skin problems. Another major reason is the aging of the skin. Lifestyle changes can also be the reason for skin related problems due to stress.

    There is a major difference between skin lightening and skin whitening. Skin whitening is harmful to the skin as the process involves bleaching of the skin. So choosing the Best Cream For Face Whitening helps in achieving a lighter complexion and removing unwanted blemishes. Fairness cream helps to lighten the skin tone and prevent acne breakout. While buying a fairness cream make sure that it does not contain components like corticosteroids or mercury.

    Things to know about fairness cream

    It is natural for men and women to use fairness creams to gain a fairer skin tone and a flawless complexion. Face whitening Cream For Men and face whitening cream for womencomes with different formulations and can provide certain benefits to the skin.

    The first major advantage of using a fairness cream is that it can lighten any kind of spots and pigmentation patches on your skin. A quality fairness cream is made up of ingredients that contain bioactive components that can tacklespots and make the skin look even toned.

    The darker tone of the skin is due to the melanin pigmentation secreted by the skin cell. The melanin gets secreted due tosunlight. Any fairness cream with SPF 20 can protect the skin from harmful UV rays that can affect the skin.

    The fairness cream can also provide protection from pollution damage. The dirt, dust and smoke particles present in the environment can get accumulated on the skin making it dull and lifeless. The compounds like antioxidants can neutralize the pollution damage because its composition can remove harmful radicals that can cause aging. Using a fairness cream can provide a protective barrier for the skin to fight against pollution.

    The fairness creams can also help in reducing aging and wrinkles. Many fairness creams contain collagen, a type of protein that acts as a glue to hold the skin together thus reducing any signs of aging. Fairness creams with essential fatty acids can also moisturize the skin and give a perfect glow.

    Fairness cream can increase the potential glow of the skin with the help of bioactive components present in the cream.

    What does fairness cream contain?

    It is necessary to know about the composition of the fairness cream. Almost all fairness creams contain ingredients like,

    Hydroquinone – the main component that is used to lighten the skin tone. A bearberry extract and licorice root extract can be made as an alternative for this component and it is noted that both bearberry extract and licorice root extract have anti-aging properties.

    Koji acids – it is a derivative of vitamin C that reduces the melanin secretion and produces glowing skin.

    Retinoic acid – it is a derivative of vitamin A which helps in exfoliating the skin and increasing the skin growth.


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