Ever wondered whats the ideal lifestyle to live during your Homeopathy treatment course?

    Once you start with the treatment, please abide by the rules:

    Dos and Don’ts – For the kind attention of all patients Once you begin with treatment, the following instructions must be followed carefully for optimum results.


    Use non medicated soap and shampooDiscard use of anti-dandruff shampoo. Avoid using new unfamiliar medicated products like after shave, toothpaste so as not to disturb biochemical balance. Discontinue use of any self medication like aloe vera products, herbal and ayurvedic medicines, wheat grass, herbal teas, green teas etc.


    Do not apply mehendi on hands, feet and hair. Hair dye if used must be applied 1 cm away from scalp. Do not touch hair colour on skin of head.

    Stop usage of the following on the skin – Perfumes, deodorants, anti perspirants, medicated powders. – Anti – Fungal creams / tubes, anti bacterials. – Avoid applying antiseptics as first aid for minor cuts, bruises, burns. Any ear drops, nose drops, eye drops. Do not use any other Homeopathic or Biochemic medicine.

    Avoid menthol and menthol based products like chewing gums etc. Avoid camphor.


    Avoid alternative therapies like – Use of gemstones for good fortune – Magnet therapy – Yoga to stimulate specific organs / glands – Acupuncture, acupressure – Hydrotherapy. Avoid repetitive unnecessary vaccinations especially newer ones for influenza etc. Please consult before doing any investigations esp : MRI, CT, X-RAY. In case of any advice required for new symptoms appearing please contact at the clinic during working hours.

    List Of Non Medicated Shampoo 1.Dove, Oxygen moisture can be used, Intensive repair shampoo, Men care has menthol, Nourishing oil care (has castor oil and almond oil) 2. Tresemme 3. Johnson and Johnson 4. Sunsilk 5. Pantene, Pantene Pro V, Repair and protect, Everlasting ends, Ultimate 10 . 6. Loreal absolute Repair cellular 7. Clinic Plus 8. Matrix Biolage.

    Allowed: Non Medicated soaps Johnsons baby soap, Dove , Lux ,Pears , red lifebuoy.

    AVOID: Dettol , Neem soap, Medicated Hamam, Medimix

    Allowed: Talcum powder: Ponds Dreamflower, White tone , Ponds Magic (Acacia Honey), Ponds sandal, Nivea pure fine talc ,Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder.

    Avoid Medicated powder: Dermicool , Nycil , Hula Hula, Himalaya , navratna cool. Hair Dye to apply 1 cm away from scalp e.g. Nupur Mehndi, Godrej hair dye, Loreal hair colour, garnier hair colour, Streax hair colour etc .

    ALLOWED To Apply Locally Coconut Oil, Johnsons baby moisturiser, Nivea Cream. USE Mint Free toothpastes: Colgate, cibaca , Colgate total , Pepsodent Gum Care , Close Up Action , Pepsodent Center Fresh, Oral B.

    Avoid Toothpaste 1 . Babool 2 . Himalaya 3 . Meswak 4 . Dabur 5. Colgate Maxfresh Whitening. After Shave Product Nivea For Men after shave balm Avoid After shave products : Old spice . alum (Fitkiri) (Turti).


    Eye DROPS to Avoid – Andre Eye Drops, Alphadrops, Tears Plus, Tobacin, Loflox and other corticosteroids and antibiotics drops.

    Nose drops to Avoid – Otrivin Nasal spray, Nasomist , Budenase, Silovin and other antibiotics drops.

    Ear Drops to Avoid – Waxolve ear drops, Otogesic Ear Drops, Wax D – ear drops, Ciplox drops and other corticosteroids and antibiotics drops.

    To Strictly Avoid: Itchguard, Ring guard, Zandu Balm, Iodex, Tiger Balm, Moov, Relispray, Candiderm Ointment, Betadine, Soframycin, Burnol, Quadriderm, B – Tex, Sapat Malham. Silverex .

    ALLOWED For minor Injuries: Dressing with Normal saline or distilled water can be done.

    Avoid Homeopathic Preparations eg : Calendula ointment , Biochemic Combination (SBL Products ) Arnica hair oil , jaborandi hair oil Mint. Avoid Mint based products – Tic Tac , Happident , Wrigleys chewing gum , Orbit chewing gum, Dubble Bubble , aqua Fresh, Trident Centre fresh , Polo ,Halls , Mentos and other mint based chewing gums

    For any queries email us at imperialclinics@gmail.com


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