• What to know before employing an architect

    An architect is a person who is involved in building, planning, and designing of construction of various buildings. Becoming an architect requires one to undergo immense training as the decisions that an architect takes affects public safety. In many developed countries, properly certified individuals can practice the art of architecture. Some may even require registration with a significant government body.

    What to know before employing an architect

    Requirements for becoming an architect:

    For becoming an architect, one has to meet the three basic requirements:

    1.      Education

    2.      Examination

    3.      Experience


    For procuring a license, one has to have a relevant university degree, an internship experience of two to three years and after then he/she has to sit through a Registration Examination.

    Fees of architects:

    The fees an architect charges depends on the size and type of project. Usually, the fees are charged according to the percentage stipulated by the Council of Architecture. There are many Architecture Firms in Mumbai that offer their services according to your requirements. However, sometimes architects work on hourly basis also.

    Points to consider while choosing an architect:

    ·         Team Approach- When you are creating something from scratch, you require a proper team that works together and doesn't have any kind of discrepancies between themselves. You should look out for an architect who believes in teamwork and is cooperative in nature.


    ·         Open Communication- The architect, though well educated, should also be open to your own ideas. He/she should have open communication with the team as well as the employer. He/she should have the ability to translate your ideas into the design.


    ·         Check Your Budget- One should be pretty clear on the amount of money they want to spend on a particular venture, and according to that, they should employ the architect. Knowing your budget will also aid in avoiding confusion and delay. You should be honest and clear about the money with the architect from the starting and should ask if he/she would be able to work under those constraints. There are many Architects in Mumbai who offer you various packages that are under your budget as well as promise to complete the given project within the given time.


    ·         Reputation- You should make sure that the architect that you have hired has a good reputation. He/she should not have a history involving feuds with previous clients. Researching beforehand helps in avoiding such situations.You should also take your friend's references.

    Many times, demolition takes place before construction, which means there will be some mess before things start getting organized. Architecture Firms in Mumbai offer proper services that ensure proper comfort of the client, which means that all the construction and demolition is not your headache alone.

    Architects work in a peculiar manner, and different architects have a different manner of working. One should always research which kind of architect would work according to their needs and then employ one. Working as an architect is not an easy job, but those who have a passion for it always make it work.

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